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William Barnes Harvest Celebration

William Barnes Harvest Celebration

To compensate for cancelled events during the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the Society has prepared a programme of virtual events to entertain from the comfort of your home.

In August 2020 at St Peter's Church, Winterborne Came, Dorset, a selection of William Barnes poetry relating to the Autumn season was read and recorded by members of the William Barnes Society. 

These included:

  • A Zong of Harvest Hwome read by David Downton
  • The Slanten Light o’ Vall read by Joy Parsons
  • Trees be Company read by Brian Caddy
  • Picken o’ Scroff read by David Strawbridge
  • Be’mi’ster read by Barbara Whillock
  • Zummer Evenen Dance read by Rod Drew
  • A Bit o’ Sly couten read by Ethel Gumbleton and Charlie Andrews
  • The Depopulated Village read by Jill Bryant
  • The Farmer’s Woldest Da’t’er read by Tim Laycock
  • Teaken in Apples read by Devina Symes

This programme of poetry is to compensate for the afternoon of readings that would normally have taken place at Max Gate in September in conjunction with the National Trust.

Readings recorded by Andy Worth and Photography by Mark North

Additional Music :

  • Cider and Brandy Arranged by Tim Laycock and Colin Thompson
  • Speed The Plough Performed by Tatterdemalion
  • The Harvest Toast Arranged by Tim Laycock and Colin Thompson
  • All of a Row Arranged by Tim Laycock and Colin Thompson
  • The Fairy Dance by Benjamin Rose Performed by Tim Laycock, Rod Drew and Barbara Whillock
  • Blackmwore Maidens by William Barnes Composed and Sung by John Blackmore
  • Linden Lea by William Barnes Composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams, sung by John Blackmore
  • All songs and music used with permission

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