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This spinning world: 43 stories from far and wide
by Jim Potts

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Jim Potts, poet, blue singer, song writer and film maker is the author of Corfu Blues, a collection of poems, songs, essays and stories and The Ionian Islands and Epirus: A cultural History.

His poetry, articles and essays have been published extensiverly in journals, magazines and volumes of conference papers. The 43 stories in this , his third major book, have been written over a period of 50 years, both during and after his 35 year career in this field of international cultural relations and media consultancy (1969 - 2004). They are set in various countries where he lived and worked, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Australia, Czechoslovakia (as it was at the time), Greece, Sweden and of course England (especially Dorset), and other countries such as Bermuda that he has visited.

These intriguing stories reflect the author's wide interests and extensive experience of people and places and there is fair amount of reality mixed in with the fiction, including a number of people known to the public appearing under their own names. This is in line with the subtitle of Jim's introduction "between fact and fiction". Many of the stories might be described as "documentary fiction" - though not quite in the sense in which the term is used by film critics - and this has allowed the inclusion of some 75 illustrations, photographs, artwork and documents.


  • This spinning world: 43 stories from far and wide by Jim Potts availble from Colenso Books (write to and Amazon


  • Copies are also available in Dorchester at Books Beyond Words and at the Poundbury Post Office (Buttermarket Stores and Post Office, DT1 3AZ).


  • Or you can place an order at Waterstones, etc, ISBN 978-1-912788-02-6

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